Sky Lanterns for Festivals and Parties

Sky Lanterns or Wish Lanterns are used for various occasions like Festivals, Parties and Weddings all over the world. However, there are various other events like children events or large community functions where Sky Lanterns are known to steal the show. The emotional gratification and the positivity that comes after releasing a Sky Lanterns is well known and that's what makes it one of the most sought after Party / Event product.

Sky Lanterns for Diwali

One of the major used of Sky Lanterns is during the Diwali festival in India. Apart from the other decorations and crackers people use Sky Lanterns in a big way for the celebrations. Be i t small families, large families or large or small establishments. Sky Lanterns is everyone's favorite during the Diwali Festival as well. The demands sore like anything and it seems people just long for Sky Lanterns Online more than anything else.

DholDhamaka Sky Lanterns

Historically in India we at have pioneered Sky Lanterns in India in 2012. At that time it was simply introduced to Indian public. But now after 4 years the adoption of the lanterns are great and the response has been overwhelming every season. We still offer the exclusive range and reasonable price. 3-5 Business Days delivery with COD option available.

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