Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

Imagine your husband / wife getting surprise birthday party on their special day. They, without knowing about the big surprise just getting back home in the evening to take you out to end the day as just another usual birthday and all of a sudden find him or her lots of people waiting dressed in beach wear theme and screaming SURPRISE!!!

We from have helped many such couple address their concern about "How to throw a surprise birthday party for my Husband or for my Wife". First of all you can either keep struggling with this idea and look for products or the second option, that happens a lot with us, is when we get a call from our customers to get some idea around how to do it.

Tanu from Noida works for a PR agency, she called us and just wanted to know how to have such party and most importantly how to not let her husband Sumit know that something is being planned. Apart from controlling her expression of excitement on whatever days were left for the party. One of the most important thing we advised is to order the item at her friend's place which she did. Secondly, she ordered Pirate Theme from us which required a lot of help in terms of what the area is that she wanted to decorate, or if she is cooking with some friends for the party or she is ordering from outside. Does she also require dining items of only limited to decorations and costumes. There are many such questions to be answered for a surprise party. As you can see the technical elements.

Tanu ordered Pirate theme with costumes to add to the fun. There were 28 people in her party and common friends between Tanu and Sumit but thankfully no one uttered a word to Sumit about it. One very important thing that Tanu did was that she kept only 4-5 people in loop who were to participate in decoration etc and to others she called them just a day before.

There was 100% attendence, about which Tanu told us, it was because of the surprise element in the birthday party. They all wanted to know what the surprise was and certainly to catch the look on the face of Sumit when he enters the room and switches on the light. All in all it was pure fun and we later got a call from her that thanks for the advices.

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