10 Weird Ways People Celebrate Their Birthdays

Birthdays are all about complete fun and adventures. With the change in trends birthdays are celebrated much for fun than the traditional. The birthday celebrations are now days are planned with some special twists and charms.
There are unlimited ideas for birthday celebrations and a few of them that one can implement for their kids, friends or parents.

1. Balloon avalanche birthday party for kids– Kids have a special love for balloons. When parents are planning their kids birthday they want it to very special and they want to start his birthday with all his favorite things. And if their kid has a love for balloons, then they can make balloon avalanche for him. Balloon avalanche can be made with helium balloons, customized balloons, balloons with wishes from all the family members. All these ideas will definitely make his day.

2. Neon Glow Dance Party– This is one of the most favorite theme party of teens. This could be the fun in various ways as a glow party can be done in many different styles. Highlighters of various colors can be used for drawing all over the t shirts of friends. For much more fun Dark Art Gallery can be created by covering walls with black papers and painting them with glow paints with mind blowing patterns. Neon Face painting is one of the best idea of having a fun loving party. Glowing Hoops can be used with good music. Hide and Glow seek is also a great idea.

3. Renting a Limo– If somebody have a big budget then arranging surprise Limo Ride Party is the best one. All the friends can gather at one place and can pick the birthday person and surprise him with the Limo. Within limo you can arrange cake cutting and snacks and then can go to the restaurant. Arranging a Limo ride for the Birthday person with his or her soul mate can also be a good idea.

4. Kidnapping Surprise Party– this would be much fun if you are adventure loving. All the friends an surprisingly reach the surprisee’s place and grab him without letting him know just like a kidnap and take him blindfolded to the place where you were planning to give him a treat.

5. Murder Mystery- this could be a historical party where everyone is involved in solving a mystery and having food like the mystery solving theme could have. The guests will remember your party for long.

6. Handmade theme– a party for creative lovers. Those who are creative want to have everything in their place and in life creative. For them, one can arrange a party where each and everything will be hand made. Decorations, foods, cake lights, and even their birthday gifts must be handmade. This will really make them happy.

7. Silent DJ party- this is a new way of celebrating where everyone is enjoying in his or her own way. This kind of birthday celebration is for those who are music and dance lovers. The guest will really enjoy their evening in a rocking way.

8. Organizing the Hike and Spend Night Out in Wild– this type of celebration is for those who are outdoor lovers. Those who want to have something exciting at each moment of their life. For more fun one can arrange a beautiful wild nature hike where you can enjoy campfire, music, dance and drinking out in wild. This would be fun as you are free from hectic city life and being close to nature.

9. Talent Show Party– In birthdays, kids are always ready to show their talent so we can arrange various types of Talent shows like a fashion show, baby show, dance competition, and other activities.

10. Water Party– For Summers, this is the best party that anyone could have. One can arrange all the water slides and fountains at their place or can arrange the party at Water Parks. This is mostly liked by kids.

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