Best Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Today we are attempting to write on a topic that a lot of people have already written. We are saying “attempting” because we know very clearly that those are the articles written by experts and off-course some are written by moms, who are also experts in raising their children and also in knowing what they want. The topic is Best Birthday Party Ideas For Kids.

We take the usual marketing channel to analyze how are we looking for celebrating birthday for our kids; we get to know that most of the time, we are going with what is popular and very much in line with what was commercially made available to us as an idea. However, what we also discovered was that the lost of people are trying some very creative and unforgettable ways to celebrate the birthdays. Here are few, but let’s start first of all with what is common.

Popular Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

  1.  Celebrating at home/rented venue: You are celebrating using some party theme or without any party theme. You have caterers, decorators, guests and gifts.
  2. Celebrating in McDonalds (or similar venues): Set time, set number of plates, seat, accommodation, etc. one of the most popular and easiest ways to celebrate birthdays

Creative Birthday Party Ideas for Kids (Mom’s Stories):

  1.  Two days Family Trip Birthday Idea: Kavitha, realizing that it’s the same monotonous Celebration her son is going to have on his 9th Birthday, decided to something different this time. She lured her son Shiva to take a pick between a usual birthday that he had been having since past many years, and the other option was to see a Desert which he had read about in one of his book “Lawrance of Arabia” and always longed to see one himself.Though he knew that he would miss out on lots of gifts that his friend would bring, he valued the trip more. As far as the gathering was concerned he could have done it some other day with his friends. Would it mean that his friends would not like they are not being invited to
  2. Charity Work Birthday Idea: Then we met, Sunaina, who had tried it just ones to visit the nearby old age home to see the elderly. Her daughter Supriya, 11 years, made it a point to go to that place almost every birthday. Her friends who she invited for her birthday also go along to shower gifts to the elderly and took care of them. She felt so contended that she had been looking forward to her birthday only to visit the place again.
  3. Call for Satsang: This one is not as unique but is quite popular in India within different cultures. The family usually has a big religious event in which a very large gathering is invited to seek to bless. At times this is mandatory in some families to show one’s gratitude towards God for being blessed with their child. Often happens during the day time and the night is taken over by the party.

We know you would be having more such ideas, do let us know so that more moms can share these.

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