Birthday Party Hats

party_hatsTop wanted items for any party, for kids or adults and old or new. Though does not stay or stick long on the head but is one of the most asked for. It surely makes people look much more in celebration mood. Here are the few different types of birthday party hats that we have seen people liking a lot.

  1. Shiny like the one you see in the picture above
  2. Birthday hats related to a theme which could also be a color
  3. Only “Happy Birthday” written in different fonts and colors
  4. Names or the occasion written on the hats

These are just few of the ideas we have seen on hats. Make sure it sticks well with your chin and doesn’t fall of often. At least not till the time the cake cutting is over.

party-hatsHere is our collection of birthday party hats for you. Look out.

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