Buy Balloons Online India – Top 10 Categories

A balloon can be defined as an inflatable bag filled with air or other gases like helium or hydrogen. Michael Faraday, the inventor of electric motor, is the inventor of balloons too! He developed balloons during his many experiments with various gases. Today balloons find myriad uses in our lives, especially for decoration purposes. Some large balloons filled with special gases are used in sciences like meteorology, military and transportation (Hot air balloons) too.

Traditional balloons in India are generally manufactured from materials such as rubber or latex whereas foil balloons are made from of metallised films such as Mylar. These balloons have attractive shiny reflective surfaces and are often printed with images and don’t get deflated quickly. One of the most wanted type of balloons.

Balloons are generally used in India and everywhere else during festivals, celebrations and fairs. The main target segment for the balloon industry is kids of the age 1-12 years though many older children and elderly people also like balloons. We have seen on many occasion that adults are equally pleased with balloons.

Not sure if you have already seen it but we would suggest that just have a look at all the categories available with us. As of date we understand that no one has these categories in either offline or online. Well, do your research and get the one that you like the most. As usual the shipping is free if ordered beyond Rs. 250/- and shopping is secure using SSL security methods. Yes we have now secured balloons shopping in India.

We hope that you enjoy this range, do let us know if you know of more categories that we are missing we would be happy to add 🙂

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