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Are you planning to organize garba or navratri the only thing that starts flashing into your mind are loud ethnic, traditional music, lots of people, dance, jaipuri clothes, lehnga and the most important which keeps on making its sweet music of clattering in your ears are the Dandiya Sticks.

In the Indian culture Dandiya dance has its own place .It started off as a part of a spiritual practice and later on many it has also emerged itself as Dandiya dance competitions are held. In Indian culture garba is performed in the honor of Goddess Durga.

Garba is a kind of dance which is done with the help of Dandiya Sticks. Today, garba is not only an important part of Navaratri and Dusshera throughout India but it also widens itself to other festivals related to celebration for good harvest and crops as well.

Dandiya Raas is also performed at social functions, festivals and on theaters with people wearing different bandhni dresses, accessories and most importantly the Dandiya sticks. Previously it was only performed by men but later on with the passage of time women and children also enjoy the dance.

The term Dandiya refers a pair of colorfully ornamented sticks that are taken by the dancers and are clapped together with joy either adjacent to one another or against a partner. The Dandiya sticks are decorated beautifully and are choreographed with different movements across a group.

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From next time onwards whether it is Dusshera or Navratri or any other Dandiya competition you must be seen with the most colorful, bright and dazzling Dandiya Sticks.

It is possible that because of the beautifulness of your Dandiya sticks you may get the attention of everyone in the group or maybe you become the centre of attraction of the Dandiya Dance competition in your Society.

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