Round and Square Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns are lanterns made of  paper which are very light weighted and are used to hang and put in different location during festivals ,weddings and ceremonies. There is nothing more lovely and vibrant than bright paper lanterns that stand out especially during night time

Paper Lanterns  are also referred as hanging lanterns they make everything more celebratory and festive. Paper lanterns are used to represent the return of spring. The attraction of Paper Lanterns can instantly give your place a high-class festive ambiance and oriental aura.

Decorative paper lanterns are traditionally used for cultural celebrations and festivals in India .In the modern era Paper Lanterns are used for almost every occasion, from weddings to parties, as they now come in almost every imaginable colors, shapes, and sizes.

Gorgeous both indoors and out, hanging in a tent, floating from trees or dangling from shepherd’s hooks staked in the ground – they are one of the most impactful wedding decorations, rapidly becoming a favorite among all kinds of celebrations.

Paper Lanterns  do not have a meaning because of the use of light but they are made eye catchy by their completely pleated surface, vibrant colors that may even come with charming designs, which are all done in many youthful colors.

The only desire you have in your heart is that when your guests first walk in your place their eyes should be immediately drawn upward to your Paper Lanterns.

You can go for a more formal symmetrical look by using a single color in all the same size and hanging them in rows. If you are looking for something different mix it up by using several shades of the same color or 2-3 completely different colors in a variety of sizes.

After this decoration you surely won’t fall short from achieving the party flair that you want, as you can buy these Paper Lanterns  from us in cheap value packs and they are available in the most coveted styles, like cylinder and accordion ball and tissue paper balls.

So don’t think keep shopping!!

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