Engaging kids in a party – Tough Job?

The heart and soul of any birthday party are kids; there is no two ways about it. Kids are the lifeline of a birthday party. Especially if we are going to celebrate the birthday party of our child, the presence of kids is a must. A birthday party for kids is no less than a festival and they wait for it for days to come and enjoy themselves to the fullest. They find out ways to enjoy themselves in a birthday party and have a blast with other kids.

It is important to keep children engaged or else they will wreck havoc, as they will find out various ways to entertain themselves anyhow, some of which we may not like.

So the main question then pops up is how to engage kids in birthday party. It is not an easy task as it may sound, because one of the most difficult tasks in the world is to keep children busy and happy at the same time. It is jokingly said that it is easier to climb the Himalayas but to keep a child engaged and happy at the same time is far more difficult. So your task is clearly cut out.

Let’s first see what are the basic things that we can think of that might be of interest to kids. First thing that comes to our mind is to have a theme for a birthday party. Like say you announce in advance that it will be a fancy dress theme where the child can come decked up as his or her favorite character and the best dressed kid will get a special prize. This will keep them engaged not only on the day of the birthday but even before and after the party. Before the party they will be busy on deciding what to wear and after the party discussing on what the others wore and who the most deserving winner was.

The other engagement program that you can use is games for children. The most safest and tested model to keep children happy in the party is games. Keep as many games as possible which can be played within the premises. You can have a song competition, musical chairs; which can also engage the parents if need be, dance competition, games which may require some teamwork so that you can engage more kids at one time.

There are some other games like who can blow the maximum number of balloons in one minute or who can draw a rose the fastest can be included in the party.
Then we can also include the dishes, utensils and other things at the party which can be theme based which is of interest to the kids. For example we can plates which have Disney land printed on them, or cups which has a cartoon character on it, or a balloon which has Spider Man printed on it. We can have masks with the favorite cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck for the children’s to wear.

Apart from this you can end the party on a very high note for kids by having great return gifts in store for them. That will be the perfect icing on the cake for them. These are some on the suggestions that we can use to answer the perennial question of how to engage kids in birthday party. Of course there are many more innovative ways by which you can keep the kids engaged. One of the better ways is to ask the kids themselves as to what would interest them and their friends.

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