Holi Festival of Colors

Holi is a festival of colors it is a festival celebrated all over India. It is a festival which gives the message f spreading peace, love and equality in the world. In this festival everyone greets each other with sweets.

Celebrated all over India since ancient times,  Holi’s precise form and purpose display great variety. Originally, Holi was an agricultural festival celebrating the arrival of spring.

Holi (also called Holaka or Phagwa) is an annual festival celebrated on the day after the full moon in the Hindu month of Phalguna (early March). It celebrates spring, commemorates various events in Hindu mythology and is time of disregarding social norms and indulging in general merrymaking.

Holi is probably the least religious of Hindu holidays. During Holi, Hindus attend a public bonfire, spray friends and family with colored powders and water, and generally go a bit wild in the streets.

We are offering the Best Quality Indian Gulal for celebrating Holi festival. We are already exporting our products to various countries to many esteemed customers. We are presently making 8 to 10 basic colors.

We all love to add colors to our life, as color symbolizes happiness, joy, good health, energy and other positive things that we usually associate with a happy and a playful mood.

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