Holidays in 2012 in India

Not that difficult to find the Holiday list of 2012 in India. You can connect to various sources on Internet for this. However, it is difficult to find the regional holidays of India, National holidays of India and then the ones that are affected by the international festivals and occasions.

But it is right to have just a national calender because what we have analyzed at is that there are:

  • Regional Holidays
  • National Holidays
  • International Holidays
  • Your Family Occasions
  • Professional Celebrations
  • Personal Celebrations

All these count in holidays that affect you in many ways. Plan a trip, Celebrate an occasion, visit someone, buy gifts and do a lot. So probably it would not be limited only to Indian Holidays 2012 Calender :-).

The best and the closest source that we have found out is 2012 Calendar at TimeandDate, well they are always good and accurate in their information, so for a moment we would say that it is safe to rely on the information provided by them. Here is the URL for you.

You can now match this calendar with your personal calendar and even better put these stuff to manage through your Google Calendar. As GC works wonders when it comes to managing your celebrations, occasions and holidays. There are various calenders available online in Google Calender, just search for them and integrate (securely) into your Google account.

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