Light Up This Diwali with a blend of lights and decoration

Diwali, or Divali, means a row of lights, and is a celebration of the Hindu New Year according to the lunisolar calendar. Diwali, celebrated on Amavasya, is believed to mark the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya after vanquishing Ravana .

Millions of Indians celebrate Diwali, the colourful festival of lights, with joy all over the India on a grand scale .”It is a national festival in which all communities rejoice in amity and friendship and celebrate the solidarity of the nation.”

It is one of the most popular festivities of the country that is celebrated with splendor and grandeur. India is well known for its Diwali festival celebration. The trend of celebrating Deepawali is not new. Since times immemorial, people have been enthusiastically participating in the Diwali celebrations.

When it comes to Diwali celebrations, there is a spark in the eyes of each and every person. Everybody feels excited at the thought of adorning their sweet homes with various kinds of decorative items like candles and small clay lamps.
The celebration of Diwali is commenced with Lakshmi Ganesh puja. People make offerings to the deities and seek their divine blessings.

In the evening time, as the sun sets down, almost every home lit up with candles in different varieties like Scented Red Candle with Metal Base  or Sparkler Candles, the more traditional earthen lamps as well as flashing colorful electric lights.

People start making the festivity preparations many days before Diwali. They start thinking about the places from where to buy all the material for Diwali preparations. The family members get engrossed in the task of cleaning their houses. Banners of Happy Diwali are placed on the main entrance door.

The lighting up of houses and the glittering light being spread by earthen Colorful Decorative Diwali Diyas show the true meaning of the Festival of Light, celebrated on the no moon day, ‘Amavasya’.

Ladies of the house get busy in beautiful Rangoli Making, in the designing of which they incorporate several traditional symbols that are considered to be associated with the Diwali festivity.

People visit their near and dear ones and wish them ‘Happy Diwali’. Sweets and greeting cards are exchanged. Kids derive pleasure in burning firecrackers.

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