My Candle is Best !!!

Just imagine a hypothetical situation; you are all set to celebrate the birthday of your dear child. The whole place is decked up with balloons and decorations, children are dressed up and having a blast. Then the most awaited birthday cake comes up which increases the level of excitement. Then comes the blooper which can make you feel almost embarrassed. Did you forget anything? Oops, you just missed the candles. Now the whole mood is dwindled and leaves a bad taste in the memory of all.

How could you miss a birthday candle; this is what you will keep hearing for a long time from your child and other relatives. Now you realize the importance of a small thing as a candle in respect to a birthday party, which just has a couple of seconds of fame in the entire party. Well you can never imagine a birthday party without a birthday cake and a birthday cake without a birthday candle. Well the ideal way is to light as many candles as the age of the child. But with changing styles we have the numbered candles which show the age of the child.

You get so busy with the other preparations in a birthday party that you actually forget about the candles completely. Moreover it is often a problem which we all face and keep asking this question: how to select candles for your party. Well obviously it is not that easy when it comes to selecting candles for a birthday party. One should have some sort of creativity when it comes to selecting one. Selecting a candle is not only important for the birthday cake but it also adds beauty and grace to the birthday party. Hence to add value and grace to your birthday party you can choose decorative and beautiful candles which will make the environment of the room extremely wonderful.

Candles are available in various shapes and sizes which can add variety to your party. There are various candles that have wonderful fragrance. This will make the aura around the room pleasant apart from adding to the beauty. You can actually match the candles with the ambience of the room. Based on the furniture and other accessories you are using for the birthday party you can select the candles for the birthday party.

Coming to the birthday cake candles there are so many options that are available these days. You can have the generic candles which can be used based on the age of the birthday kid. Then you have special candles like the cake candles which has “happy birthday” written over it and you just fix it on the cake and illuminate them at the time of cake cutting. This will add to the beauty of the cake for sure. Then we have the number candles which have the age of the birthday kid. So the next time you close your eyes to make a wish while cutting the birthday cake make sure you do it in style!