Why do our parents forget or don’t want to celebrate their birthday… always?

birthdayParents are the stars that show us the path of our life with their love and care. The parents are the only one who loves their child unconditionally forever. They devote their lives to the child’s happiness. Even they forget their birthdays or don’t want to celebrate with the growing age.

With the responsibilities of family and inrush of work to earn facilities for their family most of the people forget that they also have their own life and happiness. Even sometime they forget their birthdays and anniversaries and some parents pretend to forget just to save money and time.

Most of the middle age parents find this celebration a waste of time and money as well. They say that these things or celebrations are for kids. They say that in celebrating birthdays we just waste money in arranging modern style parties. They believe that the celebration should be simple like, having special dinner and spending time with family.

Some of the parents don’t like the modern way of partying. The loud music and parties having themes and drinks are apart from the cultural way of celebration. For them, celebrating birthdays must be done in a complete traditional way by family gatherings, religious ceremonies, special dinners and sweets. But they know that their children are of the modern age, they had a complete different outlook for these traditional ceremonies and celebrations. Thus, they stop celebrating their birthdays and with a passage of time they even forget that they had such special days to celebrate.

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