The Joy of Lighting Sky Lanterns

Sky Lanterns are like mini hot air balloons. They are made of non-flammable, eco-friendly material an easy to use material. A wick is suspended from the frame which is lit enabling the Sky Lantern to fill with hot air and float off into the sky.

They were invented in China in the 3rd century AD by a military strategist called Zhuge Liang as a way of sending signals. Since that time they’ve grown in popularity and have begun to be used at carnivals throughout the world.

Sky Lanterns are also known by a variety of different names around the world, including; Fire Lanterns, Kung Ming, Khoom Fay, Khom Loy, UFO Shaped Balloons, Fire Balloons, Candle Lanterns, Floating Lanterns, Glow Lanterns, Paper Hot Air Balloons, Chinese Flying Lanterns to name only a few.

In India Sky Lanterns are believed to be magical objects that carry our wishes and happiness to the heavens.

There is a common belief that if one writes a wish on the lanterns, it carries the same to the heavens and all wishes are fulfilled. Sky Lanterns are launched with a belief in their ability to bring good luck, and the coming true of wishes made as the lanterns are released and sent up into the heavens.

These Sky Lanterns are made either from latex, oiled rice paper or Mulberry papers. Paper has a light body property that makes it float high in the sky. Shape is obtained and held together by bamboo frame. We offer Sky Lantern and its fuel

Sky Lanterns are used at all kind of occasion, be it Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings or Corporate events to illuminate the evening and make the day unforgettable. They create an amazing visual effect that adds enjoyment and wonder to any special occasion.

By writing your wish/message on the Sky Lanterns you can send it to god or late loved ones, Sky Lantern fly miles height & also it is believed that God/Angles/Late Loved One’s may see your wish & bless.

Simply light the fuel cell, wait for the lanterns to fill up with hot air and then let go. You and your guests will gaze as the Wish Lantern floats up into the night sky. Using the power of fire, the Wish Lantern will be in the air for about 12 minutes and go up over 2200 ft in the air.

Light up the night sky with a Wish!



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