Top 10 Party Game Ideas

A birthday function is meant to be fun and frolic for all. For some it is an occasion to bond with friends and have a time away from the regular hectic schedule of life. For some it is a time that implies to let your hair down and have a blast, literally. But a birthday party without a party game is like an excellent dish without a salt. Yes you guessed it right; a party game spices up a birthday party. There are many birthday party game ideas that we have been seeing and playing since our childhood and trust me, we are still not bored of it. In fact we enjoy it to the hilt.

For example take one of the most played party games is the musical chair. It is the most common game at a party and is played by people of all ages. The party starts with a music being played and people standing around the chairs.

The number of chairs is one less than the number of people playing the game. When the music stops you need to sit down on the nearest chair near you. The person left standing looses and is out of the game. Then one chair is removed so that the number of chairs is again one less than the number of people left. The music starts again and when it is stopped you again have to sit down at the nearest chair around you. The person left standing is out. This procedure goes on till the time there is only one chair left and two people around it. The left who is able to sit on the chair wins the game finally.

Another very famous party game is the dumb charades. Dumb charades is a word guessing game. It is an acting game in which teams are divided into two and then a person from one team acts out a word or phrase, generally a movie name given by the opposite team. The others from that person’s team have to guess the name of the movie. You can use your actions from the movie, dance to a famous song of that movie, mime the actor but no words can be used. If one fails to guess the name then the other teams gets one point. The game can go on for any pre decided time and at the end of that the team with more points wins the game.

Antakshari is another game which is played at almost all parties. In this two teams are divided and you sing songs of movies or albums. When the song ends the last word of that song is picked and the other team has to sing from that word. The format is simple and time bound. If the other team fails to sing a song within a fixed time, say 1 or 2 minutes then the other team gets one point. In the end the team with more points wins the game.

Truth and dare is another game which is one of the most played games at a party across the globe. It is a very interesting game in which any number of people can participate. A bottle is kept in the centre and it is rotated, the moment it stops the person sitting in the direction of the tip is asked what would he prefer, trust or dare. If he chooses truth he is asked a question to which he has to reply truthfully. If he chooses dare then he is asked to perform any task which can be of any nature. It is a fun game and is enjoyed by one and all, even the ones watching it.

Similarly there are many other party games that are generally played at birthday parties like passing the pillow, in which a pillow is passed as the music is played in the background. The moment the music stops the person holding the pillow is out of the game. Then there is another game known as test you mind. In this a person starts the game with a name of any object or living thing. The person sitting next to him/ her has to repeat that word and add another word. The person sitting next to that person now has to repeat the word said by the first two persons and add another word. This process goes on and the one who misses the any word gets out. One of the most famous child games is spoon racing. In this a small object is kept on the spoon which has to be put between the lips and you have reached the end point without dropping it.

Similarly there are many other games which are played at birthday parties. The bottom-line is that we come to a party to enjoy and that is what we should do to the maximum.

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