Why Do We Celebrate Our Birthdays?

Well, the question is, who started it first and what was the need? Are we doing it because everyone else had been doing it or are we doing it because we have been told to do it? Why do we celebrate our birthdays?

For those who are thinking, they don’t need to know can surely leave without being frustrated about the content of this page. But for those who think that they would like to know how it all started, read on!

The basic thought behind celebrating birthday is that almost every culture started celebrating birthdays of their Kings, Queens and Gods to mark the day as a day when they are showing their gratitude towards their achievement and being their Savior, the idea was that they are celebrating their being into their lives, and thanking the day when they were born. This came naturally to people to show the gratitude towards them and acknowledge their accomplishments. This further spread down the hierarchy, from top to bottom. It came to individuals very recently when the commercialization and the idea of not accepting the authority is embedded into the masses. It was also a way to show that every individual is equally important for those who love and like them.

Every culture marks the days of arrival as a celebration and the day of departure as the day of grieving for a family, community or a nation.

What we really celebrated was their achievements, and contribution to the society, not just mere being.

Thankfully it is not as complicated as it was earlier, those days were not so forgiving as they are now. Even the rights of celebrating one’s birthday was not permissible even if they wanted at that time, compare it with today, we thank the day when our pets came to our lives.

How are birthdays celebrated today in a relationship!

For a parent, every such day, when their child was born is very important. It takes them back to the day when the child was born, the entire experience comes into their mind. The gratitude comes naturally and filled with lots of emotion they do not leave any stone unturned to make sure that the day is marked in the history of their family.

For a wife or a husband, a birthday celebration of either one is important because they are with each other because of the day they both were born.

For an office goer, they would want to please their boss’s birthday because they need to show gratitude towards his accomplishments. That’s more on a professional ground with a slight emotional touch.

And there are many such examples but all gets to just one point, and its gratitude. Gratitude for the day and the gratitude for the accomplishments.

The more the reasons the more the celebrations. Let us know what you think why do you celebrate a birthday?

Thank your loved ones for being into your life, Celebrate with a Birthday Theme this time.

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