Why Do We Celebrate … Anything?

Why Do We Celebrate? Seems like an odd question, but don’t you think it’s time that we should go back and look at the Why of Celebration. This would answer many questions. Exactly why we do what we do, well if not all then at least one of it.

Humanity has been celebrating even from as far as we can recall. Those inscriptions on the wall of medieval caves, where we have seen people celebrating, dancing and eating around a bonfire. They had reasons to celebrate, well a lot of reasons, one of which certainly used to be “the end of the day” successfully. Yes, the times were not so forgiving as they are today. They even Celebrated Death.

And with the passage of time we kept Celebrating, may be for a good hunt, winning a war, or for other the good or bad reasons. Humanity had been Celebrating, still there is no mention of Celebration in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Strange isn’t it? One of the basic or rather I should say, a default and such intrinsic behavior of human beings, doesn’t find any mention. Probably because it’s no brainer or not so big Human Needs.

Well, at least businesses have found a great industry, called as an entertainment industry, to make money out of this human need. There is a clear connection of the entertainment and Celebration. Whenever you are entertaining yourselves you are actually Celebrating.

Surprisingly, we are so wired to Celebrate that if given an opportunity, we wouldn’t hesitate Celebrating even a single minute when we are awake. You really don’t need a reason to Celebrate these days. Well, that’s what the credit card companies try to tell us all the time. That as humans, just this reason of being born is enough to keep Celebrating.

However, there are different reasons why people Celebrated earlier. To many, it brought “Successful Closure” of an activity. Even Hitler Celebrated what he did, and so did the Allied Army. The Celebration also depicts Gratitude, a feeling so important that only the one who has accomplished something great can understand.

Trust me even if people are not Celebrating, they do Celebrate in their mind, it’s such an important human behavior. In the present age, people are mostly Celebrating without reasons as well, and since the time you wake up, you are surrounded by the messages all around you to start Celebrating.

Movies, Outings, Indoors, Food, Drinks, lots of straight and not so straight ways of Celebrating do exist. Indoor Celebration is not so much promoted as those not promoting it do not make much if you promote inside. But yes there are more than hundred peaceful and memorable ways to Celebrate Indoors.

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