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Baby Shower Supplies & Baby Shower Decorations to Celebrate the New Arrival Baby showers are heartfelt, highly emotional, and even tearful events. On another level, they tend to be highly orchestrated, with choreographed activities and carefully matched baby shower decorations, supplies, and favors in pink or blue to enhance the baby shower theme for boys or girls. While the emotional content is entirely up to you — be it comedy, sincerity, or sympathy — Party City can help with the planning and the presentation. We offer perfectly matching, themed baby shower supplies and baby shower decorations, novelty baby shower favours complementing the theme, and plenty of keepsakes, birth announcements, balloons, and candy favors to celebrate any sort of baby shower, traditional or otherwise. Choose from over 18 different baby shower party themes for boys and girls — either whimsical, traditional, or somewhere in between. Or, if the gender of then baby is yet to be revealed Browse our huge inventory of hanging baby shower decorations, wall and window baby shower decorations, table decorations, and baby shower decoration kits to find exactly the right ceiling accents, room rolls, and centerpieces. Create a one-of-a-kind baby shower candy buffet with pink or blue treats, and crown it all with the glory of a unique diaper cake and custom hanging banner.

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  1. Baby Shower Mom-To-Be Quiz Game

    Baby Shower Mom-To-Be Quiz Game

    Regular Price: Rs. 725.00

    Special Price Rs. 75.00

    Baby Shower Napkin Quiz Game is a fun baby shower activity.

    This game features napkins that ask your guests to check off the answers to 12 multiple choice questions that they believe will be the answers the mom-to-be will choose. The guest of honor then gives her best guess answers. The person who matches the most wins.

    Sample questions are:

    "When will baby be born?," "How much will baby weigh?" and more.

    The pack contains 24 napkins set.

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  2. Mom To Be Sash

    Mom To Be Sash

    Regular Price: Rs. 549.00

    Special Price Rs. 75.00

    This silver sash spells out "Mommy to Be" in pastel colour and is bordered by fun pastel hearts and stars. This is a fun game for any new mom. Learn More
  3. Tiara Mom To Be

    Tiara Mom To Be

    Regular Price: Rs. 799.00

    Special Price Rs. 75.00

    The perfect tiara for the baby shower! The tiara features a headline, "New Mom To Be." Also features a white marabou attached. Learn More
  4. Baby Shower Pin Badges ( Pack of 5)

    Baby Shower Pin Badges ( Pack of 5)

    Regular Price: Rs. 175.00

    Special Price Rs. 75.00

    Baby Shower Button Badges are 25mm (1 Inch) button badges which are the most popular type of button badge. Each pack inclues 5 different bages.

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